Our Sustainability Plans 


We’ll be working everyday to ensure that we are operating and producing as ethically as possible.  It’s early days for us, and we’re still figuring things out, but it’s why we decided to pledge 2% of our initial rewards sold through crowdfunder to hospitality workers laid off by Covid. 


As with our range of spirits, we’ll be driven by transparency, research and attention to detail in everything we do to ensure we are operating ethically.  


Like any start-up, we’ll be a work in progress initially, but we’ve laid out our core principles here.  We’d rather develop sustainable policies as we learn rather than overpromise. 


We’ll always be open to suggestions and to working with our customers and our wider community as to how we can do better. Please drop us a line with views or suggestions at hello@srvd-drinks.com.     



Our Sustainability Manifesto


Liquid Production and Packaging 


1.    Sustainable sourcing. 


Ensuring our products are sourced as ethically as possible from the perspective of carbon outputs and wider environmental impact. 


2.    Ingredients and water waste


Minimising ingredient wastage, operating dry floor policies and recycling wherever possible. 


3.    Energy usage


Minimising energy wastage in distribution and fulfilment, leveraging and promotion supply chain innovation and efficiency and using renewable energy sources for production wherever possible. 


4.    Plastic usage


Minimising wastage and plastic usage in our packaging. 


Company Policy


1.    Living Wage


Ensuring that all members of staff are paid at least living wage.


2.    Energy usage 


Minimising office and warehousing energy usage. 


3.    Public Transport


All management will take public transport wherever possible. 


Impact Programme


1.    Ensuring that the company has a sustainable impact programme that creates real change in people’s lives