No.1 Gin


Citrus bite


Firm, pithy texture

Perfect for 


Making a good negroni is no easy feat. It’s a cocktail defined by balance, not just of flavour complexity, but of sweetness, bitterness and acidity. It should be lively, energetic, deep and have a symphony of flavour led by that of bitter orange. With Campari, orange peel and a big block of ice obligatory, the quality tends to come down to the other two ingredients - the gin and the vermouth. 

No.2 Rosso Vermouth



Just sweet

Rich & complex

Perfect for 


Vermouth is one of those drinks that varies dramatically, a little like red wine (it is made from red wine). It can be heavy, light, sweet, bitter, and that's before you get to all the different botanicals you can use to flavour it. As such if you want to make a good Negroni you need to know what you're buying. Our Rosso Vermouth has been designed specifically for this famous Anglo-Italian drink.

No.3 Rye Vodka



Fresh & peppery

Utterly clean

Perfect for 

Vodka Soda

Vodka soda is one of the most popular mixed drinks. Rather than diluting the flavour, adding soda water to a premium vodka coaxes out subtleties and aromatics that otherwise remain hidden behind the alcohol. A little like a mineral water, you end up with a highly refreshing, elegant mixed drink. Our No.3 Vodka is made from rye, which transforms when mixed into a grassy, slightly saline and moreish spirit.

No.4 Bourbon Whiskey


Charred Oak

Spice & caramel

Just enough weight

Perfect for 

Old Fashioned

Bourbon can range from heavily aged in charred casks with lots of sweet vanilla and caramel flavour to lighter, more fruity varieties. To make a great Old Fashioned you don't want the whiskey to overpower the bitters, or be too sweet to begin with. SRVD No.4 Bourbon straddles the divide between fruity (cherry, apple) and oak driven (caramel, smoke, vanilla), leading to a complex and textured classic.