SRVD No.2 Vermouth


Pre order from our inaugaral production run via our crowdfunder.  

We're starting our vermouth range with a beautiful rosso that perfectly balances the complexity and bitterness of our botanicals, including angelica, quinquina and wormwood, with a rich 3/4 wine base. Expect a bianco, tawny, dry and extra dry in the future. 

Technically a fortified botanical wine, we like to think of vermouth as a hybrid spirit given its modern usage (and the fact it is fortified with botanical spirit).

For our No.2 vermouth, we'll be retracing the footsteps of one Count Negroni, who developed his eponymous cocktail in the 1920s in Florence when he tired of an Americano. The surrounding areas, moving up to Torino, are still a major production hub, and we've lined up a few meetings there. 

It's an aperitif with distinctly European heritage, with Italy, Spain and France still being major producers.  In the Mediterranean, it's often drunk straight but it's also an essential component of some of the all-time classic cocktails. We've made our rosso to sip straight and obviously work amazingly well in a Negroni.