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Join the spirits revolution.

Whatever you drink, we'll have you covered.

We're building a genuinely premium range of spirits that work for you.  

Welcome to SRVD.

At SRVD we're making things simple. No matter what you drink, from gin to vodka, from rum to bourbon, have the confidence you're drinking the best.

Liquid. Not bottle.


Our focus is radically simple. It's on the liquid you drink. That means sacrificing things that really don't matter.



No fancy bottles, no gimmicky garnishes, no middlemen. Great liquid.


Classical Tailoring​.

Every spirit has classical qualities that have come to define it through centuries of craft and learning.

We delve into the essence of each spirit and build on it.

We tend not to deviate. Keep your pineapple and raspberry for your fruit salad.  

True Discovery. ​


Join us behind the scenes on every step of our journey, as we explore the spirits world.


We'll be investigating in major spirit hubs, interviewing producers, connoiserus and mixologsits to understand each spirit and how it's served (hence the name) to understand what makes each spirit sing before bringing it to you.

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