Join our spirits revolution
We're on a journey to build a full range of spirits you can rely on, no matter what you drink.

"We're Varun and Jamie. Between us we have over 16 years experience in the alcohol trade, creating brands and marketing wines and spirits.

We decided to start VRSD because we felt the world of spirits is confusing for many consumers. Lots of different flavours, lots of different styles. Whether simply looking for something that tastes good, or for spirits to make cocktails with, you'd be forgiven for not knowing where to start."


Our Values


Uncompromising Quality

The liquid in the bottle is our ultimate priority.

Outstanding quality of spirit means having a strong focus on the things that matter. We always ask ourselves when we spend money - does it enhance the quality of our spirits?

To make spirits simple

We want to make it really clear what you're buying from us. E.g. Our No.1 Gin - It's designed for a Negroni and is citrussy, bitter, has a firm, pithy texture and because its made by us, you know it's premium quality too.


To inspire confidence in spirits

We have this vision where our customers gain confidence drinking new spirits and making new cocktails. The idea that we could launch a Vodka for a Martini for example and someone who'd never tried a Martini before would be super up for giving it a try is a situation that really excites us.

Sampling wherever and whenever we can

We're aware that we can talk all we like about our products, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. As such we will maximise the opportunities we have to show you our spirits, so you can see and taste first hand what we're all about.

Spirits that are fit for purpose

Our 7 step process ensures every spirit we craft is absolutely fit for purpose. We vow to leave no stone unturned, to be rigorous and precise when researching, testing and ultimately producing every bottle of VRSD.

100% Transparency

We want our customers to have full visibility of our production process. From the suppliers we source ingredients from, to the mixologists we consult with and the producers we work with, we want you to have a clear view of the liquid that goes into your spirits.


Provide engaging, educational content

We'll take you on a journey where you'll learn about the history, the characters and the locations behind classic cocktails, and we'll give you the information you need to make them perfectly at home....it's easy with VRSD.